Friday, 28 December 2012

Respro Anti-Pollution Mask for Cycling

Let's have a look at why cyclist would want to wear a Respro anti-pollution cycle mask. Personally I have been an environmentalist all my life, I always said I would never own a car and always cycle. But you get older and well... find excuses... as much as I enjoy driving, as a cyclist I hate the heavy footed motorist or bus driver. Who either seems to deliberately hit the pedal to gas me, or are so desperate to overtake they need all 120 horses to pull past a man on a bike doing 29mph on a 30 road whilst approaching a red light.

Still least we not judge the half baked motorist who cant look ahead. When I look ahead I see the long term risks of breathing in pollution and as an asthmatic, I want to try and protect my lungs as best possible. Being of scientific mind, I was always sceptical of anything that claimed it could filter diesel particulates, these nasty critters enter easily into the blood stream as they are so small and we are told are impossible to filter out. Be thats as it may, there are pleanty of other pollutants to worry about and living in a city and near a high usage HGV and bus routes I wanted cut down on noxious fumes entering my body when my heart and lungs are working hard.

I have been using Respro masks for some years, whilst they may cover your face, and some people may not like the feeling, the benfit is quite clear, the smell of fumes diesel and unleaded is greatly reduced and I no longer have to time my breathing for buses pulling out infront. The Respro City Mask is easy to fit. The velcro at the back just fastends around the base of your head and the nose clip can be adjusted to best fit to stop unfiltered air entering the mask. The mask can become damp at times but it is not a real problem and the filter should be changed at least every 6 months. This is very easy to do and takes a few seconds. Spare filters for all Respro masks are available online and in store. The whole thing is also easily washable and allergy free materials are used. So for an asthmatic allergy sufferer like me, this is a real win win. Usage wise you are probably going to benefit most in cities and polluted areas. There is little  point in using this in the country side..... Unless you suffer badly from hayfever in which case, this mask combined with a pair of wrap around sunglasses will protect you from pollen and keep your suffering to a minimum in the beautiful summer days. Did I notice a difference? The London nose blow test tests say yes, the asthma suffering test says yes, and the uncontrollable  hayfever test is a clear winner. For me it's a five star rating!

Now for the ranges prices starts at £16.19 and there are a number of Respro ranges to choose from and they depend on your usage type and your sense of fashion. From City to Metro and scarf to reflective there will be a style to suit. For very details information about each and the technical information and the science 
bit, check out our dedicated Repsro facts and questions page.

Thanks to the clever people at the Respro labs we can show you a very handy size chart to help you get the best fit!

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