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Brooks B17 Bike Saddle

Brooks are the undisputed king of  quintessential English cycling, the refined leather saddles have changed little in the last 140 years or so.  They are a cult in their own right and an icon of cycling, respected the world over and until the 1950s they were the largest saddle manufacturer in the world, with the Brooks B17 being the oldest in the range dating back over 100 years.

They use traditional techniques to this very day, and their ethos is one of 'the best' from design to material.  Believe it or not the machine they uses date back to 1949. So when you buy a books saddle you are actually buying a part of living history. Brook use the finest leather, it must be 5mm thick and comes from the 'butt' of the hide. There is little waste in the manufacturing process as off cuts are used to make mud-flaps and handlebar grips. Did you know it takes 3 days to make a  Brooks Saddle. It takes just a few hours to build a car.  So when you buy a Brooks saddle you are buying the best quality, hand made and most importantly comfortable saddle available. Value for money wise it is unbeatable, there is no mass production involved here, used in races and for touring all these saddles will eventually fit the rider perfectly, as the mould themselves to the rider.

Although Brooks has stood the test of time and been ridden by the worlds best riders in competitions, competitors would often keep their saddle when changing bike at the end of the season. The world around Brooks has changed dramatically. So how has Brooks survived so well? Because of their dedication to being the best  or because of the current trend in traditional saddles or because when you buy a new saddle Brooks are the only saddles that guarantee to fit? Well as you may have guessed it is a combination of all of the above. The price may be high but you are mostly likely going to fall in love and never buy a saddle again even when you change bikes.

The Brooks B17 maybe heavy, unpadded and take around 1000 miles to break in, but that is it, it does and the leather softens with use and fits your shape. When it comes to cost, stop looking around for different saddles with trial and error. So many of our customers want a gel filled cover or saddle and yet if only they would spend more in the short term they would benefit from a big long term gain. It is counter cultural to say this in a society obsessed with disposability. When it comes to will it work with my bike, well,  many serious riders don't mind the extra slight weight and the traditional style on their modern bike when it comes to it, comfort wins. Let's face it when you see a modern high tech Scott bike with a Brooks saddle on you don't think, that looks daft. You think, this guy knows what his doing and takes his ride seriously.

So if you are going to take your ride seriously you should also take good care of your saddle. It should not be left out in the rain, it should be covered with a Brooks Saddle Cover, and it should be waxed and maintained with the Brooks Saddle care pack.

The B17 is designed for long distance touring and trekking, so it is light weight in comparison with other models at 525g and prices start at just £69.99. So really if you think about it, a saddle that takes 3 days to make, by hand, made of premium quality leather, by experts with an eye for perfection and knowing you should never need another saddle, it is a bit of bargain. I know women who will spend £400 on a handbag every 6 months! For cycling Men this is really as good as it gets. We don't do leather handbags, but Brooks do, that's not for men, unless you live in Shoreditch and are really trendy, anyway....

A few of the options then, currently we have the: The Imperial; Ladies Select and Standard; Men's Select, and Special; World Traveller; Standard in Brown, Apple Green, Electric Blue, Honey, Mandarin, Black; The Titanium in Honey, Black and Brown.

Click on the one below that takes your fancy, have a look at their vital stats. Prices start from £69.99 and work up to £212.  There are few things in life that are worth while these days but this has to be out there on our top list. Of course Brooks Bags, and many other Brooks Saddles are also available and come from the same level of expertise and craftsmanship.

Standard £69.99

Buy a Brooks B17 Standard  Apple Green Bike Saddle
B17 Apple Green
Brooks B17 Standard - Brown Bike Saddle
B17 Brown
Brooks B17 Standard - Electric Blue Bike Saddle
B17 Electric Blue
Brooks B17 Standard - Honey Bike Saddle
B17 Honey
Brooks B17 Standard - Mandarin Bike Saddle
B17 Mandarin

Titanium £179.99

Brooks B17 Titanium Brown Saddle
B17 Titanium Brown
Brooks B17 Titanium Saddle - Black
B17 Titanium Black
Brooks B17 Titanium Saddle - Honey
B17 Titanium Honey

Special £89.99

Brooks B17 Special Bike Saddle - Brown
World Traveller  £211.99
Brooks B17 Saddle Select World Traveller

Imperial £89.99

Brooks B17 S IMPERIAL, Colour - Honey

Ladies Specific £124.99 and 69.99
Brooks B17 S Select, Ladies Saddle
B17 Ladies Select S 
Brooks B17 S Standard, Ladies Saddle, - Brown
B17 Ladies Select Brown 

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