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Montane Jackets Reviews

Montane Cycling Jacket Review

Montane jackets have taken the UK cycling world by storm in the last few years, they are the cyclist's mountain friend, as if the name didn't hint at that! Montane make a range of goods from backpacks to climbing gear, but being a cycle shop let's focus on their lightweight high-tech cycling jackets

Montane Featherlite Jacket £59.99 - £79.99 RRP

The Featherlite comes in two versions, Velo & Velo Fem  as you can guess the Fem is ladies specific and both Velo and H20 are bike specific jackets. Therefore you have typical bike colour options of blue, black, red, white and yellow fluorescent. The big boast here is that the Featherlite is the world's lightest cycling jacket at 135g and packs down to the size of  an apple.  It is designed for spring - autumn rides during changeable weather and comes with low light visibility in the form of 360 degree reflective trims.  To keep you cool during the summer it has afterburner vents and breathing panels.  The fabric is PERTEX® Microlight Mini Rip-stop. It is even machine washable and comes packed with features such as high line soft collar and elasticated cuffs  as well as a long back to keep your bottom dry; all for an exceptionally reasonable price.

Montane FEATHERLITE VELO, Colour - White, Size - Large Montane FEATHERLITE VELO FEM, Colour - White, Size - Large Montane FEATHERLITE VELO, Colour - Blue, Size - Large Montane Velo Men Red M Montane FEATHERLITE VELO, Colour - Black, Size - Large Montane FEATHERLITE VELO, Colour - Fluoro, Size - Large
Featherlite Velo Fem Fluoro Featherlite Velo Blue Featherlite Velo Black Featherlite Velo Fluoro
Velo Fem

Montane Minimus Jacket £139.99 rrp

The Minimus's headline feature is its weight, at just 215g it even has a roll-away hood and when stuffed in its net bag fits neatly into a pocket. It is packed with features too, breathable, waterproof, multi-activity, wire peak, zip storm flap, taped seams, Pertex fabric, and single handed cord operations. Minimus is designed to work in high performance endurance activities but it is not bike specific which means your bottom is not covered from splashes and mud. It comes in two colours, black and vivid green. 

Montane MINIMUS JACKET, Colour - Black, Size - Large Montane MINIMUS JACKET, Colour - Vivid Green, Size - Large

Montane Hyena Jacket £125 rrp

This year round softshell jacket is windproof, breathable and water repellent. Although this is not a mountain bike specific jacket it is highly versatile and suitable for trails. Being both smart and fitted, it is suitable for street and light off-roading. The jacket wicks well and keeps you dry. It is made from Polartec Powershield fabric, which makes it warm and dry and keeps your temperature well regulated. Features include a draft flap, 'zip garage', velcro cuffs, flat locked seams,  and as usual a soft lined collar. It is an ideal multi sport multi use jacket which is tough and practical. 

Montane HYENA, Colour - Black, Size - Large

Montane Singletrack Jacket  £64.99 rrp

Billed as the "ultimate lightweight mountain bike weather protection" the Single Track boasts wind and showerproof protection for trials and all terrain cycling. Ideal for cooler days and early starts where the weather is a little unpredictable and you can carry it on your person in a 'stuffsack' so no need to decide beforehand. It is an excellent all year round jacket, made from PERTEX® and whilst amazingly thin, it is also very strong and does not snag or break up.  It is a snug fitting jacket with a soft lining, on the outside you are well illuminated with 360 degree reflective pipping. It is not fully waterproof, but will protect you from the occasional heavy downpour and dries out quickly.

Montane SINGLETRACK Jacket Colour - Red, Montane Singletrack Jacket, Colour - BlackMontane Singletrack Jacket, Colour - Blue

Montane Velocity Jacket £100 rrp

The Velocity comes in three colours: Blue, Black and (eye watering) Fluoro. It is designed for long distance touring, in particularly harsh conditions when you need protection from the weather so it is both waterproof and windproof. The lightweight nylon shell is PERTEX® breathable so you are not going to get wet either way and all colours have reflective pipping around the whole jacket for added visibility. As an added bonus the pockets are also waterproof so you can get away with keeping your gadgets close to hand. It also boasts a fleece colour and velcro cuffs - all that in just 270g. Finally it will stuff inside its own 'stuffsack'. 

VELOCITY, Colour - Fluoro cycling jack from Montane
Velocity, Fluoro
VELOCITY, Blue Jacket from Montane
Velocity Blue
VELOCITY, Colour - Black, jacket from Montane
Velocity Black

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