Monday, 7 January 2013

Praxis Works Chain Rings - New for 2013.

Happy New Year! We wish all our customers the very best for 2013 and thank you for your continued support of Petra Cycles! 

This year we will be saying goodbye to Oval Concept as well as our Snow Sports ranges. However all is not lost we are also Saying hello to Carrera Helmets, Union 34 and Praxis Works, which is new to us and has also been a big hit in December. 

In this blog we will look at Praxis, then next time come back to our other new brands.

One Shot Forged Praxis Works Chainrings
Forged Praxis Bike Chainring
Praxis Works chainrings are designed in California, USA and their range covers, Road, Cyclo Cross, Single Speed and Mountain Bikes. Dave Earle is the founder and well known in the industry, in 2007 he set about using his engineering skills to create drivetrains using a superior manufacturing process that forges aluminium with incredible detail.  Praxis chainrings are harder and tougher and have more shifting features than CNC chainrings and all chainring are made in "One Shot". 

Praxis LevaTime Chainrings are the result of years of hard work, they give you the fastest shifting experience available on a bike. "Synchronised ramps are tuned with a specific inner ring, providing a clean channel for the chain to move upwards. Each individual tooth is sculpted to handle a specific duty. Along with that, precisely located scallops help control chain movement and prevent chain suck."  
Many of our customers who have upgraded to Praxis have reported very noticeable improvements on their rides, getting better responses in shifting when they demand it. 

Explains how LevaTime chainrings from Praxis work

So can I run Praxis on my bike? These beautifully engineered chainrings are highly compatible to most standard cranks. So in short yes most likely you can. The road rings work with any 110 or 130 BCD and the MTB with 104/64 or 12080BCD. It is also fine to mix and match your drivechain components. They recommend using KMC,  Shimano or Campy chains. Have a look here for further information and a very comprehensive Praxis FAQ 

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