Monday, 14 January 2013

Union 34 the Ultimate Cycling Bags

Last year we met the designers of Union 34 bags and clothing, they proudly showed us the upcoming Union 34 Shoulder bag and Union 34 Rucksack at a trade show. They went through every feature and we were very impressed and really proud that they are British designed too. Both bags have been thought about from ground up as a cyclist's commuter bag, every complaint and niggle you could ever have had whilst riding your bike with a bag has been dealt with.  Well, 8 months or so later these marvellous bags came into production and we are really stoked about them, even the papers have picked up on them.

So let's have a quick product review, as it is not often I get excited about a bag, but after suffering a sweaty back, damaged laptop, dirty bag and a lack of visibility for years, finally there is a solution to my problems, other than driving a car more often.

The Union 34 Rucksack / Pannier Cycling bag: 

RRP £89.99 Medium and £99.99 Large

All three bike rucksacks, available in two sizes.
Union 34 Rucksacks in 3 Colours starting from £89.99

They come in 3 colours  2 sizes and fit to your bike in 3 different ways. Colours: Grey; Black; and Green,  Sizes: Medium or Large (depending on your laptop size so 15 inch or 17 inch).
Fitting: your back; pannier rack left or right options; and the unique selling point, on your seat post. The seat-post adaptor is sold separately and you can travel with ease and without the need for a pannier rack fitting.

So the bag in action, it stays dry inside thanks to its 600dn water resistant fabric, so no damp documents and you can store your smart phone in there when the rain comes down. It has reflective strips, so those bike hating motorists can see you, and comes with a light strap and bottle holder. Now this is my favourite feature, it equiped with a removable washable rain-cover and integrated splash-back cover.  Finally! Yes finally, I can not only keep what's inside my bag dry from sweat and rain but also not worry about having to dry the bag out every day!

Buy the Union 34 seat post adaptor, it fits to your bike and allows you to attach the Union 34 Rucksack.
Union 34 Seat-post adaptor £29.99 (sold separately)
For some of you the real issue will be wearing office clothes after your ride to work, (others like lycra in the office) well there is a handy clothing storage areas, including shoes! and D Lock holder. So you can keep sweat free, dry clothes and not get lock dirt all over your clothes or faff around carrying your lock on your frame. (Dear Santa, oh please can I have one next year. please please)   Enough gushing, there is also an expandable document and stationary area too. So urm how did they get this all in? Don't believe me, well watch the video below.

Buy the Union 34 Shoulder Bag for cyclist now

Union 34 Pannier Shoulder Bag Cycling Bag

RRP £ 89

This pretty much the same deal in a different format - more traditional laptop bag style with a shoulder strap and lacking the seat-post mount option. This bag has to be used with a pannier unless you want to ride with it on your lap! The bag will universally fit onto almost any pannier and has a built in splash guard which just folds over on itself.  Again you have 3 colours right and left fitting but only one size at the moment.

So this urban beauty is ideal for city dwellers, and if it were me I would have loved it in a bright blue or another cool colour but these are early days and there will be more coming from the Union 34 stable next year. In fact the trade show is coming up again so I am going to be on their case!  For us here this is the smartest most well thought-out product on the market for cyclists this year and if things go well I might be able to afford one myself for keeps!

As you can see I am genuinely excited about it and here is the promised demo video for you, of course both bags are available on our dedicated Union 34 page.

Do you own one? Let us have your comments below!

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