Wednesday, 27 February 2013

BBB Cycling Glasses

As light levels start to increase during those morning and evening commute rides wearing glasses not just for protection against small particles but also for increased visibility and definition.

We are a big fan of BBB, they make excellent cycling glasses which come in many different lens styles, although almost all are wrap around in style. BBB make an excellent range of well priced high quality glasses with variations in lenses and the ability to fit prescription lenses. Price start from as little as £19 and work up to £85.  Don't pay too much for cycling glasses, there are brands out there that will cost you the earth, but for what? A feature that you won't notice within a few days of ridding. I had a pair of Oakleys once, I used to boast that they were shotgun proof, but what could would that be if the rest of your face is missing? I also didn't see myself getting into a fire fight anytime soon! But despite this, the lens coating did still chip.

So what can you expect from BBB, simplcity, quality, value, style - no messing around.

Benifits of Cycling Glasses

  • Protection from grit, mud, pollution, pollen
  • Stops eyes watering in the wind
  • reduces eye strain.
  • Low level light lenses help enhance light and increase definition
  • Sunglasses decrease excessive light and maintain vision
  • block UV light 
  • Winter and summer specific glasses 

Common features.

  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Lightweighy poly carbon,
  • Case and or pouch
  • Wraparound shape.
  • Areodynamic 

Check out the full range of BBB Cycling glasses.

BBB Cycles BSG-32 - Impact Sport Glasses (Matt Black, Smoke Flash Mirror Lens)
BBB BSG-32 Impact glasses with flash mirror lens £48.90

BBB Cycles BSG-37 - Rapid PH Sport Glasses Photocromic Black
BBB BSG-37 with Rapid Photocromic lens £58.55

BBB Cycles BSG-29 - Attacker Team Sport Glasses (White, Blue Smoke MLC Lens)
Attacker Team Sport BSG-29 Featuring White, and Blue Smoke MLC Lens £83.24

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