Monday, 29 December 2014

Tour de Scott - Over 50 Years!

Scott, as a company, was formed in 1958 by Ed Scott, an inventor and engineer, who also was a ski racer living in the United States of America. Scott was the first to invent and use the tapered aluminium ski pole and this revolutionary invention gave birth to the Scott Sports empire as we now know it. A lot of us associate Scott with the USA however HQ is a based in Givisiez, Switzerland.

Following on from this, over the next 5 decades the world saw a trend developing, with Scott Sports defined by statements such as “World's first”, “World's lightest”, “new records” and “ used by World Champions”. 1986 saw the birth of the Scott Mountain Bike and the fun started here. As this was in the era where suspension on bikes was unheard of, Scott's development of the bike could only get better.

Three years later, in 1989 Scott introduced the worlds first aerodynamic handle bar for road bikes.  Aero bar as we know it, was used by the legendary Greg Lemond who won the 1989 Tour de France.

In 1991 the focus then turned to suspension for mountain bikes and the Unishock was unveiled. The following year the first Scott full-suspension mountain bike hit the market. Consistent with its ethos of striving for perfection, twelve years on, Scott launched the worlds lightest full-suspension mountain bike called the '' G-Zero ''

In 2001 the world received its lightest road bike Scott Team Issue and was improved by the later release of CR1 road bike in 2003, with the lightest frame only 895 grams. The CR1 is one of Scott's best selling models and is well received and loved by all at Petra Cycles. If it's comfort you're after, then the S Bend Scott CR1 Road Bike is definitely for you. With no compromise in lateral stiffness means that, if you stand up and throw the bike from side to side in a sprint or a climb, there will be no loss of energy. This translates into more efficiency with all the comfort on two wheels.  Take a closer look at our high resolution image Scott CR1 10 with video
In 2003, the focus was back on a full-suspension mountain bike - Scott Genius - with three different shock modes: Full lock out, All travel mode and Traction mode. Traction mode brings stiffness to the bike and this rigidity gives more control and direction in sticky and tricky terrains. The latest Genius features Twin Lock technology which is only available on Scott bikes. Twin lock gives simultaneous travel control of the front and rear shocks - Twin Lock Scott Genius

In 2005 Scott used its proven CR1 technology and applied it to the new PLASMA to develop the worlds lightest Triathlon bike in the world. A little slice of heaven in an Aero carbon frame with integrated Aero seat post.

2007 saw a new line of road race bikes with the introduction of the Addict. (The link will show or latest 2015 model Addict Road Race Bike.)  This bike boasts over 220 pieces of HMX and HMF carbon when creating a single frame. This creation firmly secured Scott bikes' place in producing world renowned Carbon Bicycle Frames

2011 introduced Scott's rather controversial version of electric bikes, Scott E-Bike.  Some people say having a motor defeats the point of having pedals however, we at Petra cycles think if it helps to get folks out and enjoying the beautiful English countryside, then why not? For us it's about having fun on a bike, be it electronic or not. The range has grown and now the 2015 range includes the E-Aspect 29er and E-Aspect 27.5inch

2015 is going to be one of the most exciting of Scott's colourful history as it has partnered with Infiniti Red Bull F1 Racing .  With a turnover of around £600 million to race each year, we're particularly interested to see how Scott will use its Carbon technology to help the F1 team.  We're also intrigued to see how Red Bull F1 might help Scott with Aerodynamics.

Petra cycles is proud to be a Scott Sports / Syncros Approved Dealer and we are living in anticipation to see what new developments will come from Scott Bikes. We've got a very good relationship with Scott UK and find their service to be of the best of all distributors in the UK. Friendly and helpful staff makes all the difference. Thank you Caroline Goward and Kate Gordon!

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