Friday, 26 December 2014

Zipp speed weaponry

Zipp is a manufacturing company located in Indianapolis, USA and part of the SRAM group. Zipp is a supplier of high end bicycle and wheel chair components for the elite athlete.

There are a few important things to consider when purchasing Aerobars and Extensions.
If you're looking for a worthwhile upgrade to your existing triathlon or time-trial bike, the right aerobar can make a tangible difference, on race day and on every training ride. It can improve your position and comfort on the bike, make you more powerful and increase your aerodynamic efficiency. Choosing an aerobar can be daunting task, so here are five key things to consider when making your purchase:

1. Fit
Fit is the most important consideration when selecting a new aerobar. Does it have ample adjustability to accommodate your fit measurements? Each cockpit, using the Vuka line-up, offers hundreds of adjustments to optimize position. To simplify, we offer the free Vuka Fit software tool (on or the App Store) to apply to your fit measurements on your Zipp aero system.

2. Budget/Material
What is your budget and what do you get at the top-end of the spectrum?  You can buy a complete aerobar setup costing a couple of hundred pounds and upwards.  As this does not fit everyone's pocket, Zipp provides a wide range of purpose-built carbon and aluminum aero cockpits to meet most rider’s budget. Three possible options are:
3. Extensions
What extension shape options do I have? This is all about comfort and what hand positions feel natural. Any wrist tension or stress, drains energy that could be used to push the pedals. Learn more about the shape choices available with Zipp’s carbon Vuka Carbon Extensions and aluminum Vuka Alumina Extensions.

4. Accessories
So the million dollar question, what accessories do you need to go on the aerobar? Are you going to be using a specific type of cycling computer or front hydration system? The Vuka BTA (between the arms) Quickview Computer Mount ( Installation PDF )and Vuka BTA Carbon Bottle Cage put vital information and hydration where they're streamlined and easy to access. Also consider the Zipp Quickview TT Computer Mount and Zipp handle bar tape.

5. Compatibility with Your Bike Frame
A lot of higher end triathlon and time trial bikes have a certain level of integration with the head tube, steerer tube and stem. What type of aerobar setup will work with your bike? Additionally, think beyond if the aerobar will fit or not. How do cables exit the aerobar? Will cables go into your frame cleanly without requiring big loops of housing?  To help provide answers, we’ve compiled a list of frames with known compatibility issues with Vuka Stealth. Click on Link for compatibility 

We hope you find this helpful - good luck!

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